The Development Trend Of 3D Glasses

- Oct 31, 2017-

The development trend of Polarization3D glasses

Polarization 3D glasses also known as polarized 3D glasses , are passive 3D glasses, these glasses prices are cheaper, so most of the current 3D cinema, 3D LCD TV are using of polarized 3D technology.

Currently the market is more mainstream RealD 3D system, MasterImage 3D, Dolby 3D system three. In particular, RealD 3D technology, its highest market share, and not affected by the type of panel, can help any 3D-enabled TV and display to produce high-definition 3D images, with the technology RealD company is mainly through technical licensing to promote , In the 3D theater, its share is also far ahead.

Our Company JRD Optics Industry Co.,ltd are a 8 years professional 3D glasses manufacturer since 2009 and we already cooperated with many famous brands including Real, Masterimage, Xpand, Look3D and any other Companies.

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