Optical Mouse Positioning Analysis

- May 03, 2016-

Optical mouse easy to accumulate dust and so on, requires regular cleaning to ensure precise mouse positioning, and have a sample rate is difficult to improve bruising. So the manufacturers introduced the light weight, no need to clean the optical mouse. However, because early optical mouse sample rate is lower, the mouse moves faster dropped frames are easy to find. Until the 2001 Microsoft launch hardware refresh rate up to 6000fps IE3.0 mouse, optical mouse drop-frame lead before positioning the cap off.

Optical mouse position relies on the bottom of the mouse red LED light, refraction through lens concentrators, illuminate the bottom of the mouse is a small area. Then in the bottom of the mouse optical imaging on the CMOS sensor on the engine. Fast multiple Imaging (IE3.0 up Imaging 6,000 times per second), and the main control chip comparison features on each frame to determine the direction of movement of the mouse.

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