Heteropolar "the Killing Machine" Magic Optical Mouse To Be Listed

- May 03, 2016-

Believe heteropolar and experienced player of the magic mouse, heteropolar magic mouse can provide you with a comfortable grip that eliminates the need to make any more statements, separate button design magic, providing players with a uniform key touch, fingers balanced support, for the campaign to provide more accurate contact pressures and feedback. Combination of 4 amounted to 20 grams of weight weights to meet the needs of most players to mouse stability. So, relative to the magic mouse, which is the magic mouse is out of the ordinary about?

No amendments, no acceleration, true and correct and restore player operation track killing opponents

We always use the mouse for FPS type games in the process, we often have a strange experience, is that I already point to the opponent, why didn't you hit? This is because General of mouse products often will pre reset amendment and accelerated of effect, in we for game of when, although we aimed at has opponents, but accelerated and amendment this a function is will let associate heart deviated from, different very magic new carrying has high performance 6400dpi IR LED optical sensor, this sensor will for players provides unprecedented of precision degrees, stability and full of guest business of plasticity. Meanwhile, heteropolar magic without amendment, no acceleration product set, with a powerful optical sensors, restore the real details of the player operating a mouse tracks, the zest for the players where there experience.

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