Creating Optical Engine Technology Revolution

- May 03, 2016-

What is a PIN light engine technology?

Shuangfeiyan exclusive innovation, new [needle light engine] advanced technology, strong needle type vertical beam design, can analysis deep surface features, number times improve optical image differences features value, completely improved traditional optical rat desktop adapted rate partial low of shortcomings, almost in any Gao Guangliang surface are can achieved precision of cursor control, bump surface Shang as smooth, let world became you of mouse pad, Super xiaoguangkong must dust sex better, new needle light engine makes mouse full unimpeded, more associate, more flexible!

Needle light engine technology what are the characteristics?

Shuangfeiyan needle light engine optical mouse using technology improve material identification capacity, improve has in not full even is rough plane Shang, and easy reflective of material as granite, and marble, surface scan of positioning accuracy, while reduced dust or dirty points of effect, can free in various material surface Shang operation, which including Gao Guangliang surface, and photo paper, and magnetic brick, and stone, between surface, and legacy traditional of optical mouse compared, needle light engine technology integrated can strong, has following features:

1, short light, low power consumption.

2, strong beam pin light, surfaces, clear image, cursor accurately.

3, complete resolution of abnormal movement of the cursor.

4 small, light holes.

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