Six black technology Raytheon to create the whole network the strongest electro-mechanical keyboards

- May 03, 2016-

Black technology: worrying about mechanical keyboard cannot continue to use the water? This Thor mechanical keyboard-specific wiring plate suspension technology, enhance the waterproof performance with anti-fall and three water chute at the bottom, to the maximum extent possible to ensure normal use the keyboard, and hollow-core design can also increase the keyboard part in the ability to resist falling.

Black technology II: black axis keyboard is significantly ahead of the other color on the service life of mechanical keyboard, average million keystroke life is recognized as the standard for chromium plating coating, many users also worry about prolonged use of chromium plating wear off, thus affecting the overall beauty and harmony. Thor each keycap in appearance by friction over 15,000 laboratory experiments, thus ensuring lasting as new keyboard surface.

Black technology: key caps by ion plating process, after 17 fine craftsmanship to create Ionic silver and AK black two button easy to color and surface coating anticorrosive, able to withstand prolonged use, and shiny as new.

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