Mechanical keyboard keys are universal? buy should pay attention to what?

- May 03, 2016-

Currently market Shang mainstream brand mechanical keyboard, removed Logitech G910, and sairui APEX M800 and has discontinued of Filco zero axis three paragraph products yiwai, are using class MX axis body switch (to Cherry MX for prototype design of axis body switch) making, due to axis core size completely same, all for class MX axis body switch design of key cap are can installation to the type mechanical keyboard Shang, but really of is such did?

Non-original keyboard key caps note height with jacks

Facts is not so, due to design concept different, Germany Cherry and other brand mechanical keyboard in key cap height Shang exists must difference, this is old players often said of "original height (refers to Cherry keyboard of key cap height)" and "OEM height (refers to non-Cherry production of keyboard by using of key cap height), players can according to purchase of is Cherry keyboard also is non-Cherry keyboard to preliminary select key Cap.

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