Mechanical keyboard key caps-material what is the difference

- May 03, 2016-

Mechanical keyboard, with its long service life and extraordinary feeling back gold spot by membrane keypad took more than 10 years, become peripheral Palm enthusiasts and gamers love. Get rid of life and feel, mechanical keyboard also has one replaced Cap thanks to tipster, the player can be used as personal preferences and needs, let his beloved mechanical keyboard had a unique appearance.

Common mechanical keyboard key caps is mainly divided into ABS, POM and PBT of three materials, ABS material most frequently used key caps on the mechanical keyboard, two hundred or three hundred thousands of popular products are high-end flagship mechanical keyboard, you can see ABS cap figure. ABS scientific name "acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers", the material itself is of low cost, high strength, toughness, and processing advantages.

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