How can we reduce the risks of 3D glasses?

- May 03, 2016-

Expert advice must be in the rehabilitation of patients with eye disease and then to the cinema to watch 3D movies, in addition to regular consumers best movies carry their own special glasses, if none of the conditions bring the right kind of 3D glasses, you can bring some swab to wipe the glasses and wearing. Viewing processes do not hand in his eyes and wash your hands after the movie. Glasses-free 3D smart hardware 3DBOX there is no doubt that 3D glasses so that we have a broader, more innovative visual experience, but also to our health laid the problems not to be ignored. At present, over multidimensional SuperD self-developed 3D intelligent hardware 3DBOX solve the problem: consumers do not need to wear 3D glasses, you can enjoy immersive 3D vision. This product has started selling in the market, I believe that with the eye health awareness and changes in consumer attitudes, there will be more and more people are concerned about glasses-free 3D-related products.

JRD New Design Plastic Decode Glasses 3d Glasses With Red Lense

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