Computer keyboard how to clean

- May 03, 2016-

Cottage cleaning method: use alcohol, cotton balls, cotton swabs

Advantages: simple and convenient results view

Disadvantages: alcohol makes plastics equipment has aged, deep dirt cannot be removed, a stopgap

Inverted tap keyboard, remove impurities

Cleaning turn the keyboard upside down is the first step, tap the underside of the keyboard, keyboard internal accumulation of dust and hair out.

Brush clean the surface

The second step is cleaned with a brush press the surface, generally clear up perspiration and dirt accumulation.

Wipe clean with a cotton swab dip cleaners

Finally, use a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped some detergent, on the button side as well as some of the more stubborn stains carefully cleaned, in this step to remember when cleaning do not use too much, so as not to flow inside the keyboard. There is does not recommend the use of alcohol, because alcohol may have on key words have some corrosion on the surface.

Professional cleaning method

Advantages: full cleaning and maintenance equipment, clean

Cons: payment of money costs, purchase special equipment, billing services

Former computer services in the market is not very developed. While many operators, clean computer with fake way. Caused a lot of people on the "professional" cleaning does not understand.

Professional use cleaning tools

Special tools, special cleaning solution and professional operators gradually began to enter the field. At present we are unable to accurately judge the quality of these products, but you can be sure that the future will certainly become more professional in the field of computer cleaning ...

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