3D glasses became the standard for mass factory productivity

- May 03, 2016-

Three months ago, Volkswagen began an experiment at its Wolfsburg plant, the company is fully equipped with the 3D glasses for a worker to facilitate their work. The experiment was successful, VW announced this week-d glasses in the future will become a standard for its factory workers. The lens directly into the box and spare parts number displayed in real time on the glasses, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the staff. 3D glasses is also equipped with a camera, it can identify the spare parts on hand for staff and provide guidance to them. In addition, the cameras can scan a QR code, thereby liberating the workers ' hands.

"Digital is playing an increasingly important role in the production process," mass said the head of the Wolfsburg Factory Logistics leihade·de·walisi. "Intelligent 3D glasses will be human-machine cooperative efficiency was raised to a new level. "Now only about 30 workers choose to wear 3D glasses, but the public believes that once you experience the benefits of 3D glasses, will once again set off a revolution in the production area.

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