2017 Custom Bulk Plastic Chromadepth/Circular/Linear Polarized 3d Glasses For TV, Cinema, Theater

2017 Custom Bulk Plastic Chromadepth/Circular/Linear Polarized 3d Glasses For TV, Cinema, Theater

* Best Price and Best Value for Adults/Children's 3D Glasses! * We can customize the frame size for adult & children,customize lens types,any one you like(Circular Polarized / Linear Polarized/Chromadepth etc.) * Higher quality than RealD & competitors 3D Glasses (our glasses have thicker + scratch resistant lenses & stronger plastic for a longer life)!

Product Details

2017 Custom bulk plastic Chromadepth/Circular/Linear Polarized 3d glasses for TV, Cinema, Theater


Frame MaterialEco-friendly ABS
Frame ColorRed, Black, White, Oran, etc.
Lens Material0.22 imported TAC Lens
Polarized Efficiency99.99%
Single Transmittance42% or Above
Usage3D Cinema, 3D TV, 3D PC etc.
SystemsRealD, Masterimage,Imax, Xpand, DepthQ etc.
Sample Charge Free
Sample TimeAbout 1-3 days
CertificatesCE, RoHs, EN71

Why Choose us

1. the biggest professional 3d glasses company in China, production ability is strong;

2. High Quality Control with ISO9001, CE, ROHS;

3. Competitive price, high cost performance;

4. Powerful OEM service with many colorful style 3D glasses;

5. Cooperate with many world famous brands such as XPAND, LG, DEPTHQ, GXM, Skyworth, Changhong etc.

Product Showcase

For Adults usage: JS606

Plastic 3d glsses for tv.jpgPlastic 3d glsses for cinema.jpg

plastic Circular Polarized 3d glasses.jpg

For Children usage: JC606

children plastic chromadepth 3d glasses .jpgkids plastic chromadepth 3d glasses.jpg

Hot-sale models

3d glasses  manufacturer.jpg


Our products are already passed the certifications of CE, ROHS, FCC etc.

JRD 3d glasses certificate.jpg

Factory Show

Our factory was founded in 2009 and we have more than 8 experienced engineers and more than 200 workers to make sure of our products quality.

JRD Workshop 1.jpg


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Welcome to wholesale cheap and customized bulk 2017 custom bulk plastic chromadepth/circular/linear polarized 3d glasses for tv, cinema, theater with good quality at best price in stock from our factory. We are one of the best Plastic 3D Glasses brands in China.

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