JRD Anaglyph Red Cyan Stereoscopic Paper 3d Glasses For For Cinema/3D Magazines

JRD Anaglyph Red Cyan Stereoscopic Paper 3d Glasses For For Cinema/3D Magazines

1. JRD Optics industry Co,.Ltd is professional in 3D glasses area. 2. Offer competitive price and high quality. 3. Free samples for testing. 4. free 1C logo printing. 5, different models for your reference.

Product Details

P3RC anaglyph red cyan stereoscopic Paper 3d glasses for For Cinema/3D magazines

Product Details

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Our Advantages

1.the biggest professional 3d glasses company in China, production ability is strong;

2.High Quality Control with ISO9001, CE, ROHS;

3.Competitive price, high cost performance;

4.Powerful OEM service with many colorful style 3D glasses;

5.Cooperate with many world famous brands such as XPAND, LG, DEPTHQ, GXM, Skyworth, Changhong etc.

Product Images

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Our products are already passed the certifications of CE, ROHS, FCC etc.



Our factory was founded in 2009 and we have more than 8 experienced engineers and more than 200 workers to make sure of our products quality.

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Welcome to wholesale cheap and customized bulk jrd anaglyph red cyan stereoscopic paper 3d glasses for for cinema/3d magazines with good quality at best price in stock from our factory. We are one of the best Paper 3D Glasses brands in China.

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